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AP Interview... Thanks to all... UPDATED!!! Kind of...

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;D That's the Trish I love!!  LOL

Well, if you get tired with all that FU#*@@G please send some my way!  Gawd I could use some!!

Go get em, flash them those big pearly whites of yours and knock em dead!!


You go girl!  ;D

Poor Trish.. I know how ya feel.  I've had stuff like that happen too many times.  That's why now, if I have a long post to write, I write it up in WordPad or something the copy and paste.  That way if something happens you have a copy and don't need to retype it all again.

Hope you had something good for lunch.  I just had some lasagne!  Mmmmm.  ;D

You truely are a remarkable woman Trish!  BTW, blondes have more fun, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise =)


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