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Thank you for standing up and being counted.  This thread brings tears to my eyes, and at the same time, a huge amount of gratitude for the women of that are taking a stand and saying "Fuck You" to those that might try to intimidate them.  This is the type of action/participation that will grow and multiply, so all you women; rock on!!!!

In LOving Thanks.
(who needs a rest really bad)

If anybody going to Montreal gets the story in their local paper (and I imagine that being on the AP wire, with all the hype about "25 Years," a lot of outlets will pick this up) I would like to suggest you clip it out and take it to Trish.  What Thickish Scrapbook This Way Comes!

I am so happy for you, Trish! This is going to give you a lot of leverage in your future endeavors.  That article in New York was only the beginning.  I can only imagine how many people your experience will touch.  This is the big time, and YOU WILL SHINE!



 I am so proud of you, i am not brave enough yet to take the step and start a support group up here in my town. But with people like you and Zeph. and Michael doing all of this it is making me move closer and closer to calling my case manager and getting things going. I hope i can read about all of yours and the others interviews. Thanks for being you, you are so strong and brave.

Love, Wendy

I'm happy and excited for you, Trish.  I really admire your courage and sometimes wish I could be more like you... minus the female parts.  LOL



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