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Hi guys,

Is here anyone I could possibly buy at least 10 doses of truvada and Raltegravir 600mg from. Visiting US from UK and lost 2 bottles somewhere and still have some time to go before leaving for UK. At least 10 days worth dose would help out a lot.

Thank you and let me know
Estoy infectado? / Re: Tengo riesgo de VIH por frote de pene-vagina?
« Último mensaje por Andy Velez en Hoy a las 07:59:18 pm »
Nada en tu detalles es un riesgo verdadero para el VIH.  El VIH no es una problema para tu.  Si los sintomas estan continuando, discutirlos con un doctor.  El VIH nos es la problema.
Estoy infectado? / Re: Creo que tengo mucho riesgo, ayuda!
« Último mensaje por Andy Velez en Hoy a las 07:57:14 pm »
Tu no tiene una problema para tu. Quizas tu tiene que discutir tu miedos con un terapeuta.

Tu estas el VIH negativo.
Someone I Care About Has HIV / Re: Brooklynmom - serodiscordant couple
« Último mensaje por CaveyUK en Hoy a las 06:38:53 pm »
I'm beginning, married to a poz guy. It's nearly a year, he's undetectable, but we're still terrified of not using condoms
My doctor today reminded me to take my truvada more seriously. So he's being cautious or is it unnecessary?
We're also thinking of another baby and are worried sperm washing and whatever else needed will be a fortune.

Medically speaking, the truvada is unnecessary. If your partner is UD and you are monogamous then he won't transmit the virus. If that's not the case, then yes it's sensible to take PrEP.

Myself and girlfriend (she is neg) have regular unprotected sex, with the doctors blessing.

And has been said, with modern treatments you can conceive naturally. Sperm Washing is unnecessary.
I Just Tested Poz / Re: Diagnosed 3days ago, life seems over
« Último mensaje por CaveyUK en Hoy a las 06:32:09 pm »
As for family,there have been many marriages between a positive and a negative partner,with negative children  being born,either with artificial insemination (In vitro),or sperm cleansing (not really sure how they work,I'm gay lol).

Years ago things like sperm washing was quite a thing, but since the improvements in treatment, couples can now conceive naturally which is just another thing that isn't off the table now for HIV folk (well, unless you are gay!) :)
Off Topic Forum / I want to thank everyone
« Último mensaje por fabio en Hoy a las 06:14:25 pm »
Like the subject says,I want to thank everyone.
I'm thankful that you guys exist. I would be dead,literally if I didn't have you guys.
My life has been going so much better now. Of course there is always the usual "existential crisis" kind of day now and then,but I can say that I can dream for a very bright future.
I am now working ( on a water park,which I have quite the sun tan from Ugh!) And am so much healthy ,physically and mentally. I will start vocational school this year,and applying for university at the same time. I decided to make my dreams come true.
I do feel very lonely,and have still some health issues to take care of,but I'm sure I'll come out stronger in the end. All thanks to you.
I'd like to thank every single person,even the random people passing by the forum,the ones I've talked to and the ones I haven't.
Thanks to all of you I  live. Thank you. <3
Mental Health & HIV / Re: Never get used to hate
« Último mensaje por fabio en Hoy a las 06:03:21 pm »
Happy anniversary!!!!!!
Don't pay attention to the people who don't have lives of.their own. Just live your life the way you like.
I live in a quite homophobic place. There was an incident at work. There was a gay couple on the water park (that's where I work,lol) and my co-workers were making fun of them and surprisingly I defended the couple and shut all of my co-workers mouths,cuz idiots,they be dumb haha.
Anyways,what I mean is,that you can block all the idiots that exist in the world by being you. Make them talk about you,because that's all they can do. There will be the occasional idiot everywhere,but there will be someone who.stands up too ;).
I Just Tested Poz / Re: Diagnosed 3days ago, life seems over
« Último mensaje por fabio en Hoy a las 05:49:14 pm »
Hello Adonis. I'm really sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  I think all of us had similar reactions to yours. It seems very complicated at the start And,I know,it's really scary but it will all get better in time.
This December will be a year since my own diagnosis and I can say I feel a lot better now,with the treatment.
Let me reassure you that you won't die. Yes,you will have to take pills,but who doesn't these days. There are things that don't have treatment options,thankfully hiv is something that we can control now. As long as you adhere to the treatment you will only get better.
As for family,there have been many marriages between a positive and a negative partner,with negative children  being born,either with artificial insemination (In vitro),or sperm cleansing (not really sure how they work,I'm gay lol).
Just know that we are always here for you,no matter what. I know it feels as if time has stopped and that the only thing you feel like doing is crying,but you're gonna come out of it stronger.
That's all I can say to you,the rest are repeated by the fellas that wrote the rest here ;).
I Just Tested Poz / Re: Diagnosed 3days ago, life seems over
« Último mensaje por CaveyUK en Hoy a las 05:43:38 pm »
Just echoing what everyone else has said.

When I was diagnosed at xmas 2015 I was so scared for my long-term girlfriend as we had unprotected sex hundreds of time in the preceding couple of years.

She was negative. She jokes by saying she has 'magic blood'. In reality, it's just the odds at play as it's actually a tricky virus to catch (although obviously, it can happen with one exposure as many of us know).

It was a shock and I had the usual freak-out following diagnosis but things do settle down over time to the point where it becomes a really mundane thing. I'm far more scared of a myriad of other things rather than HIV, for sure. And at least I never have to worry about catching HIV ever again :)

A big help for me was my gf being supportive, and in the early days I dragged her to my clinic visits too, so she could hear things from the horses mouth rather than me relaying stuff, so she is pretty well educated about it now.

We used condoms for a while but once safely UD, we took (with my doc's blessing) the decision to go back to condomless sex and quite frankly that side of things are even better than before for us.

So now I pop a pill (well two) each day. I have a good job, house, car, go on holidays, have a drink, watch sport, travel around the world and basically do everything I did before. My health is better than when I was negative too as I'm more aware of it and the clinic visits check for a variety of things as a matter of course so if anything does pop up I can hopefully deal with it sooner, too.

I'm in my mid 40s (although I'll probably keep saying that for at least the next 9 years) and have no reason to think I'm going to kick the bucket anytime soon. In fact when you look at how treatments have advanced over the last 20 years I'd expect better and better treatments over the next 20, so I fully anticipate that I will eventually die as an old grumpy man with a shawl over my legs and a faint smell of piss in the air,  in an old peoples home. That's the plan anyway :)

It may not seem it now, but things do get massively better over time.
I Just Tested Poz / Re: New DX with V Low CD4 Count
« Último mensaje por CaveyUK en Hoy a las 05:28:50 pm »
Look don't worry about it ok?

Triumeq is a great combo and contains Dolutegravir which is a cracking drug where most users report little to no side effects and the best aspect is that the combo doesn't contain a booster. What that means in reality is you no longer HAVE to take your meds with food and secondly that there are far fewer other drugs which it interacts with or boosts to unwelcome levels.

Both are great combos, but you are effectively jumping from one great combo to another - with a few up-sides along the way.

As for your CD4's, I know it's hard but try not to get too down. As your VL is undetectable, the body will build CD4's up at it's own rate and this can sometimes be annoyingly slowly. You will also see fluctuations due to a multitude of mundane reasons (time of day, if you have a bug of some sort, exercise done...the list goes on) which can be dramatic enough if you start with 600 and see a 500 reading one time, but if you are down in double-digits then it can be unnecessary alarming.

Some docs believe that switching regimens can sometimes see an initial bump in CD4 cells (not sure if there is any scientifically proven basis for this or not, as logically speaking there shouldn't be - but it is seen sometimes), so perhaps this is part of the thinking.

Fatigue could also be for many reasons, including all the ones you mentioned plus others. I know several people (HIV-) who have had glandular fever and once recovered they say it has taken them anywhere between six months to a year to feel back to normal in terms of energy levels - illnesses take it out of you. Now, you've not only had a nasty bug, which is thankfully being nicely suppressed now but it's a huge shock to the system and your body is getting used to medications too, along with the multiple clinic visits and anxiety that they bring. It's no wonder you could be feeling tired, even without any other problems!

I always say this and it may sound hollow but I mean it... In a few years time when your CD4s are back up to a respectable level, you are off the antibiotics and you wind up seeing the clinic every six months (like a dentist), you will look back on these early days and be amazed at how all-consuming it was. For most of us, HIV is a pretty mundane and small part of our day-to-day existence, thanks to the advances in modern treatment and stuff like U=U becoming proven.

So hang in there and keep us all posted. You are doing great and your thread will eventually serve as a help to others in a similar boat in future.
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