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Fun day


Jim Allen:
Went to Dublin for a 2-hour walk today.

Pigeon crapped on my head, stepped in dog shit 5 mins in, stepped in more shit (not from an animal) on my way back and watched some road rage on the quays and a drunk guy vomit down the side of a car. 

Such fun and a good reminder to myself why I don't live in a city and only visit them from time to time. Glad Dublin has not lost its charm due to the pandemic

Thatís not unusual things to see around Dublin city  centre, surprised you didnít see someone shooting up drugs too!

I usually avoid going into the city centre if I can at all. My wife insists on me going with her to these Asian supermarkets around Moore St area, and always in for a bit of entertainment like you describe down that way! Lol


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