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I've been very busy since returning from Memphis -- neglecting to post in here......

Mini -- it was wonderful to see you again.  You certainly have grown into a terrific young lady since I last met you in Boston!!  I will never forget Mom's face when she tasted your "ketchup"!

As always -- seeing Jan was a pleasure.  Her smiling face is always uplifting.

Betty, it was fantastic to finally meet you.  I hope things are going well with you, in regards to our little chat at the airport!!  Hugs......

Miss P -- meeting you was great fun.  It's so nice to finally have a real-world perspective on you, it is sure to give me a different take on your postings.  And Wumpy was sooo wrong -- your feet weren't cloven!!   ;)

Another wonderful AMG dinner and great conversation with Gary -- we are truly meat - atarians......

Seeing everyone else, Tim, Henry, John, Santi, Creighton, Jennifer, Mark, Mark, Jody, Nick, Carl, Init and anyone my old brain is forgetting right now...... these annual visits just fill me with gratitude that lasts all year.

Hugs to you all!!

Mike it was wonderful meeting you also! Thanks for the chat, and yes, I'm doing better.  Hugs back atcha!


I was broker than broke this year.  Had very little money to go out and "do" anything, and by most people's thinking probably should have bagged the whole idea.

But I am so glad that I didn't

Just getting to sit down and share a meal or a few drinks with these folks - it was totally worth it and then some.

But note to self:  Don't ever drive completely across Tennessee again. 

Thumperlicious, you know I love you dearly, but I crossed 3 STATES to get to AMG - with a moody teenager, a depressed husband, no cruise control, in a heat wave, with hot flashes, no hair dryer, and NO MUFFINS!

Yep...worth every second.  :-*

What is AMG?


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