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Made it home

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I had the most fantastic time, I am so grateful I was able to take part.  But it's like it only lasted a second, then was over.  Everyone I met were incredible. 

Mini has grown!  She's a beautiful, respectful and sweet young lady. It was nice meeting her parents as well.

I appreciate the kind words, but it was all you guys that made it possible for me to get around, and made me feel a real part of.  It was wonderful meeting all of you, I could say something special about each one of you but I have to go to work.  So nice to meet people I've interacted with for years on this forum. 

Jan, it was an honor meeting you also and yes, the Irish Pub evening was a blast.  Of course I wish you and Jen safe travels.

Oh, and thanks Jeff for letting me share your room. I think we made good roommates!

Again, thanks everyone for making everything possible.  I could go on saying thanks forever, I had such a good time.  I love all you guys and if any of you ever come to Southern Michigan or Northern Indiana, whoever comes has a place to stay.


Ok, now you all have gotten me all choked up. Meanies!  :-*

What a blessing it was for us all to get together! Another AMG memory to cherish. I think Jody has done a great job describing our trip but I'll also paraphrase my POZ article from years ago by saying we had 5 nights together, but suddenly I needed another 5. I hope I didn't sling snot on anyone that last morning when I got a little choked up!

Cr8ton, I also needed more time with everyone.  It was so wonderful meeting you and Santi. It went way fast and I miss everyone terribly.

It was really fun to do everything with everybody. I liked going to the zoo with Santi and Creighton. I enjoyed meeting Ms. Jen, Ms. Betty, and anybody else that I met there. Our hotel wasn't the greatest and it never had any muffins, but neither did the restaurant. The pool smelled like the elephant cages. Your hotel was much better, at least the lobby was because that's all I ever saw.

The boat ride was pretty interesting. Couldn't really feel it moving much. My favorite part was going to the end and yelling, "Don't let go, Jack!". That's the only part of the movie I know about.

From now on, I will definitely be aware of what ketchup I eat. Any taste tester volunteers? 

Glad everyone made it home safe. Hope everyone comes to next year's meeting. I'm hoping for Philadelphia in the fall so it won't be so hot. Mom said David lives there so maybe we can have the meet and greet at his house. :-)

Miss Mini


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