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Interleukin 2


I am looking for clinic or university that will provide interleukin 2 treatment to bolster CD4 count, the CD4 boost lasts 3 years, I received my first cocktail in 1996 and it's looking like I am heading for prophylactic therapy again and would prefer to avoid

welcome! It's always good to hear from another person who has been living with HIV for a while.

Sorry I don't have an answer for you; but I was wondering if what you are talking about is a declining cd4 issue? How long has this been coming on? Is your age part of the problem?

Hopefully, somebody might be able to give you some help. ;)


            ojo.            Hello there!… I remember around that year 1996, 1997 that I try that medication, I got it from a pharmacy in Pittsburgh PA. There were desperate times because my CD4 level was zero, unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I hope you find a place where to get it… Good luck and please keep us posted… Hugs.


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