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Starting Cabenuva


Hey guys. I just wanted to introduce myself to this forum. I've been poz for over fifteen years. I'm undetectable and pretty much healthy( knock on wood). I've been on Genvoya for a long time and am now making the switch to Cabenuva. I've started the oral lead-in but not the injection. I  wanted to know other peoples experiences with this new drug and the after effects of the injection. And also if Cabenuva has made your life a little easier living with HIV?

Jim Allen:

Welcome to the forum, so I know that two forum members are on Cabenuva, but it's new, so you will not find many people or get a huge amount of feedback, and any stories need to be taken with a serious pinch of salt.

Anyhow, keep us posted on how you get on, and I hope everything goes well for you.

Best, Jim.


--- Quote from: YesImpoz on November 23, 2022, 11:25:14 am ---I've started the oral lead-in but not the injection.

--- End quote ---

What will be your injection cycle i.e. once a month, or once every 2 months?

Yes, please keep us updated on your progress, as Jim said, not may people on here are on this treatment yet and a lot of us are curious about it.


--- Quote from: Loa111 on November 24, 2022, 05:52:31 am ---not may people on here are on this treatment yet and a lot of us are curious about it.

--- End quote ---
I'm not really curious about the drug at all. I've been through so many of the earliest meds that I know anything they produce these days is a bazillion times better with next to no side effects.

the Ryan White Quality Committee member in me is interested in knowing how many people will fail this kind of regimen; but what I'm really curious about is the trouble of taking the injection. In my situation the doctor is an hour (45 miles) away. There's no way in hell I'm going to his office every month, or even every 2 months, for one shot, to turn around and head back home. I don't think I'd be adverse to giving myself the injection (I've dealt with much worse issues taking older HIV meds) but I don't want to give myself injections. Maybe when they can develop this injection to last 4 months, which would coincide with my doctor appointments (although I wish I could get the Dr. appt down to only once or twice a year) I would consider switching from the 2 pills I easily take each day.  ;)

It's nice to meet you guys. I'll be given the injection once a month and then every two months after that. I'll let you guys know how that goes. I'm nervous in regards to the injection lol.


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