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Hiv and a1c


Just got my blood test last week from the hospital online. And I'm pre-diabetic. My a1c is at 5.7 and my glucose is at 91 (normal range). My hiv is Good. My Cd4 count is at 523 and I'm undetected. However, during the pandemic I gained 30 lbs and lost 20 lbs by doing the omad diet. My BMI is at 27.8. I'm 6'1 and I weight 210lbs. Have anyone got there pre-diabetic reversed. So far, I'm taking baby steps to reverse it. By not, drinking sugary juice. Any advice or thoughts will do. Thanks!

My Dr classed me as pre diabetic a few years back based on my fasting glucose level. I was constantly around 105 on a scale where 80 to 100 is considered normal. I use to ignore it but started exercising 5 days a week. Relatively short 1 hour workouts but intense. I can keep my fasting glucose down in the mid 90's range so it is normal. If I stop the workouts my levels go back to pre diabetic. I do a mix of bodyweight workouts and kettle bells. TRX suspension work and old style cardio, burpees, star jumps and similar.
I have to keep on top of it though. Find something you like to do that raises the heart rate and then try to find the balance of what you need to do to keep everything under control. I keep trying to ease off but unfortunately cannot without my numbers rising.



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