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Our wonderful David (Miss P) has left us.

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Matty the Damned:
Miss P took his life on Sunday.

Sleep well, darling.


It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform you that our divine Miss P...David...has committed suicide this past Sunday.

Jeff, who is very brokenhearted over this news, just informed me and asked that I let all of you know on this great website.  David contributed so much to so many.  As you know he was smart and witty, a very clever and funny and terrific fellow.  We will all miss him.  Many of us last saw David in Memphis.  I got to do dinner with him one evening after the boat ride and we went to Graceland as well.

Jeff, who is just the most kindhearted southern gentlemen was in constant contact with David the past few weeks and tried desperately to help him to not make this tragic choice one cannot reverse.  He was about to contact the authorities in Philadelphia, David's adopted home, to intervene.  Alas to no avail as David apparently decided he was carrying too large a burden to go on.

We have lost many here, too numerous to mention...the latest being RAB (our darling Rocky) as well as Tim (Moffie), Ric, our beloved LLisa - sweetieweasel and other fine folks I just can't recall right now as I sadly have to inform you of this latest tragedy.  Phil just called and is broken up by the news.

Rest in peace David, thanks for your wisdom and friendship.  You were a true asset to these forums and all who got to know you.  You survived many years living with HIV and had much physical pain.  I cannot put myself in your shoes, your pain is gone, it is hard to make sense of this but we loved you man.

Jody :'(

Matty the Damned:
I have created a thread for him in the Memorial forum.

(Who is overwhelmed with grief)

I somehow never thought about having to post in a thread like this for you.  You always exhibited so much life on here.  Hell, if there can be such a thing as a forums legend, then you certainly were one and will remain.

I treasure the brief hours in Memphis now more than ever.  You were a bright light, David.

I will miss you so.

David, my initial reaction was total denial and intense anger.  Now I just cry.  You were one of my first friends here, I will forever miss you.  RIP my sweet friend and comrade.


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