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Mental health and OI's

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Guys I know that when you go visit your ID doctor they discuss your physical well being, but don't they also discuss with you your mental well being? My doctor alots 2 hrs for each of her HIV patients and it goes from a physical to mental health. Plus with mine she's always trying to fix me up with someone for the good of my social health. She doesn't believe I should be gay and single. I have to give her credit, she's tried hard to fix me up.

My doctor has precious little time with me when I see her. She spends most of the time peering at a computer screen and typing things in that must have something to do with my health care. I do tell her that I am having emotional problems but , after she types that into the computer, I dont recieve anything in the way of help.

bear60, oh how I wish sometimes that my Dr was in a rush. She's seems to never be hurried. I even get calls from her, her nurse and her boss on occasions to see if I have any questions about how I was or was not progressing. This is a big Infectious Disease Clinic that has a lot of patients, but they also have a lot of Dr's. I know that I'm their longest living patient with HIV, but I'm sure that all the Drs treat their patients the same way after having conversations in the lobby. I guess I should be thankful for what I have in health care.


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