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Thank you all so much. I just wanna update that I had a HIV test and syphillis test and both came put negative. I will do a follow up check at 3 months marking but I'm positive that my result will be negative also.
Questions About Treatment & Side Effects / Re: ATRIPLA AND HAIR LOSS
« Último mensaje por Azrael2012 en Hoy a las 04:24:55 am »
Hey Tonny, and everyone.

I was on Atripla for years and never had it affect my hair. Although, I've been going bald since my late 20s and it's not an issue as I just got fed up and shaved my head.
I've not heard of Atripla or any of the meds in it causing any type of hair loss. If you're friend is worried I'd suggest they speak to their doctor.
They will probably be told the same response.
Alopecia can be caused by stress and it could be that.
Good luck and let us know if there is a weird correlation to this issue.
I Just Tested Poz / Re: New here 3.5 months in
« Último mensaje por JosephP en Hoy a las 12:37:59 am »

I am defietely straight. I was in a bad frame of mind. Maaybe curios but hated it...

I feel I did wrong by trying the guys so don't deserve to be happy. It was unnatural and tbh it was limited. I didn't kiss or touch or even do oral. Great !!

Friend, as Jim and Cavey have explained to you to the point of saturation, stop obsessing over how you got hiv. The virus doesn't discriminate and it is an equal opportunity infecter. Really you are getting dangerously close to the line of homophobia and we are here to support each other. Take responsibility of your status. At this point it matters very little how you contracted it.    ;) ;)
I Just Tested Poz / Re: I am positive
« Último mensaje por JosephP en Hoy a las 12:22:29 am »
I found out a month ago (Dec18) that I was positive.  My general practitioner refused to have anything to do with my treatment; so, I didn't get to start treatment until Jan 16.  My new doctor prescribed Genvoya.  I just took my second pill and so far no side effects.  I know.. it's early.  But I have high expectations!
As for treatment, I really don't see HIV treatment as all that difficult.  I mean Genvoya is a once a day pill.  That's it.  Simple.
So here I am.  I appreciate this site, I learned a lot from it over the past month.  So thank you to everyone here

Well, sorry you became a member of the group. But welcome to our little niche in the world.. Yes, treatment is a lot easier and we have to be thankful to all the trailblazers that made it possible for us to survive on one pill a day.
I was also started on Stribild and then switched to Genvoya when became widely available. So far not a single side effect. They are miraculous medications, albeit quite expensive.. Grateful insurance covers them! And you are right. Worrying about how I got it, where I got it or why I got it is an absolute waste of time and worry. We got it and now we have to deal with it. That is the truth in the matter. Keep us posted of your progress. You will get the news of being undetectable soon..
I Just Tested Poz / Re: I am positive
« Último mensaje por CaveyUK en Ayer a las 08:50:22 pm »
All good numbers and pleased you are having no side effects.

Sometimes it takes a little time to get UD, and the VL can get low but then taper off so getting to actual undetectable takes longer than you'd like, so don't be disheartened if you are not quite there yet!
Estoy infectado? / Prueba Ac. Anti vih 1/2 es la misma que la de Elisa???
« Último mensaje por dado en Ayer a las 08:17:03 pm »
La prueba Ac. Anti vih 1/2 es la misma prueba que Elisa, o son distintas, me hice la prueba Ac. Anti vih 1/2 a los 86 días y salió negativo, tengo molusco contagioso en mi zona púbica y en el pene, tuve una relación de riesgo y queria preguntar si el período ventana empieza al día siguiente dde la exposición o tengo que esperar algunos días para ssaber si ya pasó el periodo ventana???
Estoy infectado? / Re: Duda infeccion
« Último mensaje por Lucas94 en Ayer a las 07:25:47 pm »
Buenas Andy, he vuelto, sigo sin sentirme bien del todo, por momentos me sigo sintiendo medio debil (37 dias despues del contacto de riesgo) y 30 dias luego del primer malestar.

me salio este sampullido en la espalda hace varios dias ya:

tengo esto raro en las manos:

aunque lo extraño es que al elevarlas las veo normales.

me salen estos rash que desaparecen a los pocos minutos:

Con respecto a la boca sigo con la misma candidiasis, si es que lo es, la tengo con el mismo aspecto que en las otras fotos.

hable con la chica y hubo una penetracion de aproximadamente 3 segundos sin proteccion, pude haberme contagiado en tan poco tiempo? sinceramente tengo casi todos los sintomas que he encontrado de primoinfeccion.

Un saludo.
I Just Tested Poz / Re: I am positive
« Último mensaje por drphil1974 en Ayer a las 07:05:05 pm »
Well I am back from my visit with the ID doctor.  I am tolerating the Genvoya well, so I am staying on that.  I've had zero side effects with the Genvoya.  It really is just like taking a daily vitamin.  I did my blood work; however, it wasn't all back at the time of my appointment.  My CD4 has risen to 827 and 46%.  I still don't know if I am undetectable though.  Waiting on the viral load test to come back now.
Research News & Studies / Re: High Blood Pressure, Which Is Often Untreated
« Último mensaje por CaveyUK en Ayer a las 06:34:51 pm »
Suppression of the virus seems like a common theme. Far too many people are still not taking meds, worldwide.

In vaguely similar fashion, I have been given a warning by my doc about diabetes as my HbA1C results have crept up. I am ignoring her recommendation to go to my GP, as I would prefer to make lifestyle changes first and see what the next results are. Hopefully I can get it in check.

It does make me nervous about other stuff like this BP thing though - HIV is simple enough, but Diabetes is much harder to control with a poorer prognosis for many. I don't want to add high blood pressure into the mix too! Hopefully the lifestyle changes will tackle several fronts anyway :)
AIDS Activism / Re: Record Your HIV Story With a Free 30-Day Journal Kit
« Último mensaje por CaveyUK en Ayer a las 06:30:01 pm »
saw this in one of my emails and applied. Should arrive in 5-7 days.

Should be interesting. heaven knows right now, helping care for a friend dying of pancreatic cancer, while remembering the 24th anniversary of my first partner getting out of the hospital to come home and die, and the 10th anniversary of my 2nd partner going into the hospital before coming home to die, I have a lot of my mind and a lot of living with HIV to talk about. ::) ;D :'( they may be sorry they sent me this journal. lolz

I'll let y'all know how it goes.

That's why I hesitated about writing my last post. I'm sorry to hear about your friend and didn't mean any disrespect.

I guess if they framed it as 'memories of HIV/AIDS' it would make more sense. But they make a big play about how HIV isn't really the focus of the stuff they are looking for...just as long as the person writing it is living with HIV.
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