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PREP and an uncomfortable moment


I hosted a party recently, and there were, later on, just four of us, and it was fun. Talk turned to casual sex, and it was the usual chat about Grindr and dating etc, and then one guy said how his PREP is not covered by insurance, and the other two chimed in about how they get theirs etc etc -- and I got up to get another drink. Not that I was thinking that they'd pressure me to talk about my experiences with PREP or anything; but I wondered if it might sound suspicious that I didn't chime in with my .02.

Of course, I'm not doing PREP. I'm poz. But it had never occurred to me (likely because my social life is somewhat limited) that this is a common topic of discussion, or at least it seems to be. By the very fact of their taking PREP and talking about it, they're labeling themselves HIV-. And so I couldn't help but think that if I don't chime in, people might wonder at my silence.

O, the navigation in keeping secrets. Of course, I thought later, Heck, I should have said something like "Oh, I don't have to take PREP because I'm already poz and taking meds," just to watch their reactions. hahaha!


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