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HIV Risk from Naked Massage, getting nipple sucked, and aggressive handjob



Two days ago on sep 27, I  went to a gay male massage spa in Bangkok, it is a pretty upscale massage spa which offers gay massage therapy to other gay men with a happy ending. Their massage therapists all very good looking and in great shape. Hence I am assuming they test the therapists regularly for STDs since they are running a business where sexual interaction is a part of their job.

My massage therapist was fully naked during the entire massage process and I was fully naked as well.
The massage started with him giving me a salt scrub in the shower and then he washed me. After washing me, he thoroughly bathe himself as well.

The massage begins  with me lying on my stomach, where he massaged my entire body, he was fully naked, but his penis never came close to my anus at all or honestly never came close to my body. After massaging my back, my butt and rest of my body, he asked me to turn over on my back such that this time I am sleeping on my back. He massaged my legs and feet, my eyes were closed during this entire time, and after massaging my legs he moved his hand upwards toward my dick and scrotum and started licking my left nipple, as I got hard he started giving me a handjob. I am uncircumcised, so he pulled the foreskin back and put some essential oil on my penis head and aggressively started stroking my penis head.

In between this he licked my nipples a few time. I touched his legs and his dick and his scrotum a few times. But his penis never came in close proximity of my penis at all throughout the entire massage. This continued for few minutes and after sometime I asked him to stop cause my dick was sensitive due to being un-circumcised  and later I jerked myself off. He did lick my nipples a few times again while I was jerking myself off.
After I came, he wiped my dick with a paper towel and then immediately we walked in the shower where he thoroughly bathed me again and washed my Dick (including the head of my penis). There was NO ANAL or ORAL sex at all.

Sorry for being so detailed, I wanted to ensure I document the entire incident precisely.

Below is the question. Am I at risk for HIV or other STDs like HPV, Herpes, Syphillis etc due to:
1. Him licking my nipple, what if he had cuts in his mouth?.
2. Him aggressively stroking my penis and penis head? What if he had cuts on his hand that might have blood? Or had HPV or Herpes on his hands?
3. Me touching his penis and scrotum a few times?

I inspected  my penis immediately after this incident and I did not notice  any cuts and bruises on my penis (including the head).

Assuming here he was HIV positive, with high viral load and not on ART, plus I am
Not on PREP hence I never engage in anal or oral sex at all. What is my risk to get HIV and other STDs from this incident?

Does him and I being naked change anything or put me more at risk?
What is the right time for me to test?

Jim Allen:

This is an HIV forum, and I read your post three times, and what you posted, including your "what if" questions isn't an HIV risk to you.

Here's what you need to know to reduce your HIV risks:
Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse correctly and consistently, with no exceptions. Consider talking to your healthcare provider about PrEP as an additional layer of protection against HIV

Keep in mind that some sexual practices described as safe in terms of acquiring HIV still pose a risk for other easier acquired STIs. So please do get tested at least yearly for STIs, including but not limited to HIV, and more frequently if condomless intercourse occurs.

Also, note that it is possible to have an STI and show no signs or symptoms, and the only way of knowing is by testing.

Kind regards


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