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Newly diagnosed and anxious as hell

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--- Quote from: Tonny2 on July 02, 2022, 01:47:55 am ---


          ojo.            Hi there…welcome the the forum. You have a great treatment, 28 years ago I wish I had the same med you are taking now. I, as you, got a cf4 level of 20, it took me from 1995 to 2000 to increase my cd4 from zero to 360 and my VL was never undetectable, always high, until March 2007 I got to see and feel what it meant to be UD, so, congratulations for those numbers now, all you have to do is the take your PILL everyday at least he same time so you create a routine and don’t forget to take your PILL…don’t worry about your “soldiers”, they will recuperate sooner rather than later, remember that they had a big battle against the invader hiv but, looking at your numbers, you are winning, just give it some time…remember that nowadays to defeat hiv it takes only discipline in taking your PILL as prescribed and a POSITIVE, no pun on ntended, attitude and you will take back control of your life….we, in these forums, decided to be fighters and no victims…please keep us posted and, if you want to know how lucky you are, getting hiv nowadays, read my thread “hope dies last” or other threads of our LTS members…good luck…hugs

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Thanks so much for welcoming me Tony. I have definitely acknowledged that this is the time medically that I can best deal with this. I also know I’m very fortunate when it comes to overall medical care.

Good to hear all your figures have been heading in the right directions.

"I don't want to die" is a good starting point but hopefully will change to "I want to live",  and then to "I want to (insert hobby, holiday, fitness goal)"

You've passed the critical point, you'll be ok.

PS like others here I'm Bactrim allergic,  Dapsone saved my life back in the day

Thanks so much for the reassurance Harley. It’s definitely going towards “I want to Live” just have to keep dodging Covid and keep myself busy.


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