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New here, donít know where else to go.



I donít really have anywhere else to go but I wanted to share my story. I unfortunately tested positive for HIV on Friday. It was such an early infection that my rapid test came back negative but blood work unfortunately showed a high viral load at the clinic. The worst part about all of this is that I was purposely exposed by a hookup June 1st. I met a woman and she seemed totally fine, went over to her place and had intercourse. She told me she was negative and on prep and unfortunately she lied. Despite a few other details the main thing is her reaction to me asking if she was negative right before I got tested, when she insulted me multiple times and blocked me.

I know now that she gave me HIV(she was the only one Iíd had intercourse with since my last test.) I also unfortunately exposed my partner and have fucked her life up as well as my own. Does anybody have experience with purposeful exposures and the legal process surrounding that? I donít know how Iím going to be able to prove it in court but Iím sure she knows her status based on her reaction and how odd she was being about getting tested. I really appreciate the care and support yíall have for each other and am nervous to go to the doctor tomorrow and start treatment. Anything helps, thanks.

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Glad to hear you will be able to see the doctor so soon to discuss treatment options.

Not sure what you mean by high viral load, anyhow, how did your partner take the news and have they discussed testing with their doctor?


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