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Hiv positive - scared of meds

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It was 6 years to the day yesterday that I was diagnosed. I had the same apprehension as you are having now about the medication. I am still waiting for the adverse effects to take hold. You will be fine with whatever they give you.
I would be more scared of what happens not taking meds.


So i was diagnosed a month ago, and started biktarvy two weeks ago.
I have a history of depression, mostly from hormone treatments in the past and i am on sertraline for anxiety.
I feel like crying all the time, feel depressed and scared of it getting worse.
I dont feel like going out and i am just not in a great place.
I have accepted my diagnosis and i was finally looking forward to getting rid of all my symptoms.. but now i just dont feel joyful.
I am scared to Call the doc and tell them, if i then need to switch to another drug, because i get very anxious when trying new meds.

Does the depression get better with time?

Jim Allen:
Sorry to hear about the depression & anxiety.

Without treatment, depression will not go away and if you feel the depression is getting worse definatly talk to your healthcare provider. Don't wait.

As for the HIV meds, some can make depression worse, for Biktarvy it would be fairly rare enough compared to some other meds. Although, many things, including just being diagnosed with HIV can make depression worse. I presume the HIV Doc was aware of the preexisting condition, but do make sure to inform them how you are coping so they can keep it in mind.

If they feel that the drugs could be playing a part and isn't manageable, then they offer you an alternative combination. It happens. Most of us living with HIV long enough have been on a combination at some stage that didn't suit us and therefore have moved on to something that did.


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