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Vegan protein and hiv



                 ojo.           Hi everyone!

 Who knowa about if it’s ok to take vegan protein and antiretrovirals… I will appreciate yout feedback, thx…hugs

Hi Tonny,

It really depends on what you mean by "vegan protein", are you referring to vegan protein in powder form or natural vegan proteins like black beans, legumes, tofu, seintan, chickpeas, lentils, etcetera..basically all beans are protein.

I personally don't like powder proteins, whether it's vegan or not because it's processed and it tends to upset my stomach and possibly dehydration/diarrhea. This is not good for absorbing your antiviral medication, so I stay away from that stuff.

I do eat plenty of natural vegan proteins in a variety of beans and legumes, and I haven't had any issues.. 
Matter of fact I rarely get stomach issues anymore. I do cheat once in a blue moon though 🍔 😋

I've been undetectable without a blip in four years, so I'm pretty certain the vegan diet isn't interfering with my meds.

PS - If you're going to eat vegan, I would suggest you get some B vitamin complex which is usually in meats and not in plant based foods.. it's rare, but you don't want to have a B vitamin deficiency.


Unless the stuff has free polyvalent cations in it, which it doesn't, of course it's ok... We'd have to talk about specific meds to be sure, though. I wouldn't want to give out any false info. unknowingly.

I speak in reference to Biktarvy-era meds.

I have been vegetarian since 1990, and many days I am vegan by dint of not eating dairy or eggs. I eat a lot of plant-based protein, and I have been undetectable without a hitch since I started Bik in mid-March. Not a long time, but enough to know.

Anything you can do to avoid meat is a good thing in my book. But your mileage may vary, and I won't preach.



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