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Boo Radley:
Hey revjenn,

Welcome!  As Alan said you're charting new territory here at AIDSmeds and we (those of us, most infected with HIV, who have been using the site) hope you and many more folks in similar situations make use of this new forum. 

I also applaud you for adopting a child who needs the same love and care uninfected children do.  Special people like you are more rare than we would wish.

I'd like to ask, if you don't mind, if your daughter has blood work done and what her numbers are?  If it's none of my business feel free to say so!

I look forward to hearing more.

Take care,


Queen Tokelove:
I think it is great that you adopted a poz child. I agree with Boo in wishing there were more people like you. I think the sadness you may feel is because of the love you have for your daughter considering what she has to live with. I hope I said that right. Any parent would be concerned about their child's health whether it was hiv, cancer, or the common cold. It's called being a good parent.

(who was also adopted at age 12)

MY heart just was uplifted with your story. I am so happy that there are people like you willing to take care of children in need, especially those with HIV. You are to be commended. My friend has a child with HIV.
She was born with it. She is 16 and doing great. At first they had told her it was leukemia which is much worse. She takes her meds and leads a normal life.


Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments.  It really warms my heart to read your words and I also feel a since of relief.  There aren't too many people that I can talk to in my community.  My girl is an amazing person.  I'm the blessed one to have her in my life.  She's very healthy and she has a joy for life that constantly inspires me.  Everyone that knows her--kids her age, our friends, her teachers--they all are drawn to her because she is so outgoing and finds fun in everything.  She's in pre-k right now and only goes to school three days a week.  I just want for her what any mom would want--her to be happy, for others to treat her with love and respect, and for her to pursue her dreams. 

Hi Jenn

A very warm welcome to you and your family, I can't really add anymore to what the guys have said, I think that little girl was truely blessed the day you and your husband came into her life.

As Andy said if there is anything in particular you are having problems with please don't hesitate in letting us know, we may not always have the answers for you, but one thing you can be sure of is you will never be without the support of forum.

Hope to hear more from you, and let us know how the wee one gets on.

Hugs to you all
Jan :-*


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