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48 million viral load during acute hiv with fever and moderate flu like illness

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Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---But you really feel I will be undetectable even with started 50 millions????
--- End quote ---

Yeah, sure. Keep taking the meds and within 6 months it should at least be 90%+ reduced and if not there are other treatment options.

Now you will see posts from other people reaching suppressed, UD, undetectable with a few weeks and others take a year.  Don't let it get to you as it's not a race.

Now asides from keeping HIV suppressed so it can't do unchallenged damage to you, the other good thing is once you have achieved an undetectable viral load* for at least 6 months, you can't sexually pass on HIV to your wife & other partners.

This is also known as Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U)

--- Quote ---Also, should I be optimistic I will not have cancer soon???
--- End quote ---

I don't know what your risks are for cancer. If your only concern is just HIV then I see no reason to start expecting cancer soon.

--- Quote ---Should I expect to enjoy a bit more my son???
--- End quote ---

Like I said you could live for the next 50-60 years, you could also be run over by a bus tomorrow. HIV is not an automatic death sentence or short life span, treat it and look after yourself to live a healthier and longer life if you want.

--- Quote ---What about vaccinations? Can I have an hpv vaccination?
--- End quote ---

HPV depends, certain nations still limit it to lower ages, but talk to your doctor. Vaccines, in general, there are plenty of vaccines recommended. Your doctor would not do them all at once mind you and some of them will wait for your CD4 counts to be higher.

Jim , and all here.
You are my brothers.
I am a member of you.
Jim you relaxed me a lot.
My doctor answered me now.

In 2 weeks I have meeting with professor of hematology in university of doctors school. I will ask everything why I have so low WBC and I will provide all information here.

Good night

Also Jim , when time , please answer about Oxfords new trial!
What do you see?

God bless you all.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: gpapadop91 on July 08, 2021, 06:27:16 pm ---IT WILL NOT PROGRESS TO AIDS.

--- End quote ---

Depending on your definition it's already late-stage or AIDS but with treatment, the viral load will suppress. Relax and your WBC could have been low from the HIV infection or any number of things, give your immune system time and keep working with your doctor.

--- Quote ---please answer about Oxfords new trial!
What do you see?
--- End quote ---

That's HIV-CORE 0052, HIVconsvX vaccine. My thoughts, well if I was a petri-dish I would be ecstatic, but until it gets to phase 3 I no longer even get interested in these things.

a small personal story to support what Jim has told you:
in the late 90s when, unlike today, there were few meds and almost all had side effects, I was hospitalized with AIDS at age 36 with a viral load in the millions and only 5 cd4s. It's been 37 years now since I was infected (and 29 yrs on meds), I'm getting close to turning 60,  I've been undetectable for decades, my cd4s are near 500, and I could not be happier or healthier.....all thanks to staying adherent to HIV medications. No cancers, no issues, and if my Grandmother is any example as she is within a month of turning 104, I'm expecting to not only live these 25 yrs since that hospitalization but I'm expecting I may have another 40 years on top of that. :)

--- Quote from: gpapadop91 on July 08, 2021, 06:27:16 pm ---Oxfords new trial

--- End quote ---
one last word of advice: don't get hung up on wishing for a "cure". Today's meds are quick and easy to take with few to no side effects and very effective at suppressing HIV. I take a few pills every morning and get on with my life not thinking about HIV these days....and you'll get to that point too in the not too distant future if you stay adherent to daily meds.

As far as the Oxford trial, the med they are currently researching is designed as a vaccine ... a preventative. Unfortunately, we are already HIV positive so a vaccine might not do anything for us. Of course, these vaccines are also considered for whether they could be a "therapeutic vaccine", which means it might suppress HIV for the long-term (months to years).

Once infected and then treated, HIV decreases but doesn't completely go away. Tiny bits remain in our bodies but dormant. That's why we take meds daily - to suppress any of this remaining HIV that becomes active. Until a complete cure is created, HIV positive people will need to remain on some type of medications, whether it be daily or (coming soon) a long term injection that lasts for months at a time.

Even though I tested positive a long time ago, I remember those scary first days/years. But this isn't 1992 anymore with only one medication. It's been nearly 3 decades and the science has rapidly expanded and improved. Take your meds daily, try to live and eat healthier, reduce stress, exercise, and make plans on living as long as you would have if you didn't have HIV - because that's the actual outcome for treatment. ;) :)

Τhanks all of you...
You really support my mental health in this stage.

My concerns are two
- my one kidney only works (90-95% and the other one helps only 10-5%)
How long can I leave with these medications?
I am lucky to have TAF instead of TDF , still not totally innocent for body and kidney when accompanied by emcitritabine

- Latent, dormant CMV that I have,
, Won't wake or start some kind of cancers?

- I accept all your statements.
I also have latent CMV, this kidney problem and cancer Donna giving from family..

Should I expect with 50 millions before treatment initiation to live at least until 60 to see see a grand child???

Good morning for all you brothers


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