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48 million viral load during acute hiv with fever and moderate flu like illness

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--- Quote from: Jim Allen on October 10, 2022, 12:04:10 pm ---
Although, the context is this does not always happen or it can be slow progress taking years. Anyhow the increase in CD4 is because the immune system no longer has to fight a losing battle, and the immune system can start to recover, for lack of a better phrase.

This expected or desirable increase in CD4/CD4% isn't a sign of resistance or concern.

--- End quote ---

So I'm sorry but I didn't understand well . And I don't want to misunderstand and I won't read now because it will add stress to me.
Long story short
My 167 CDs going to 534 in one year and still undetectable, means something bad or pulls still continue working well ??

The total WBC is similar , when it was 167 I had 3kwbc
And when I had 276cd4s I had 4,5kwbc
 and when 534cd4s it was 5kwbc

Almost always lymphs are about 900-1800

So if you want and only if you have time please only, explain in more detail please the relation between resistance and rising cd4? Body understands will lose fight and so creates more cd4s?

Hmmm I'm sorry I feel stupid

I didn't switch.
I started from beginning with Descovy and Isentress .
No problems to kidneys
Perfect liver and kidney functionality and also undetectable since start.

I adore them I adore scientists I love my doctor's and you all here who mentally supported me . I hope this crispr proved to be the functional cyre in December. Correct? When it will be 12 months for the first results about a rebound or not???

Intake regularly supplements but it is vitd3 in. 1k form per day because I have black skin and cannot absorb sunlight enough to create sufficient d.
I hope it won't interact with DECIVY AND ISENTRESS

I cook with garlic and curcumim enough, not daily but sure 5-10 per month and I can see my normal blood tests are better than before infected with d3 / garlic/ plant based diet


--- Quote from: Jim Allen on October 10, 2022, 12:41:29 pm ---Question and don't answer it if you don't want to share, but what are you studying?

Forgive me if you already mentioned it and I missed it or forgot.

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Hey Jim my best friend , I say this because I really feel this 🙏🏽🤗

I will write you on pm or I will tell you. This year I wil come for sure to Dublin close to Xmas with my son 🤝🤝🤝🥰😚🌷😻🌹

The results from Descovy and Isentress , are my psycho pharmacies meds

They made me forget hiv

I love them I love who created them
I love my docs

I still pray to work forever as long as I will live
Thanks God

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---Jim I'm sorry but really didn't understand exactly what do you mean .
--- End quote ---

With that I mean that I hope that you are not slipping back into stressing over anything, hyper focusing on rather irrelevant things and thinking you will die soon.

--- Quote ---Also this I didn't get you . I had initial vl check up the first month . Then after three again UD and then after 7 because I lost a month's appointment. And now I have in 2 months from now.
--- End quote ---

That's fine. 

When starting out it's common to have more frequent visits in the first few months and after that the recommendation for someone with stable and suppressed HIV is to have their viral load checked every six months. A month later or sooner isn't an issue, it's just a checkup.

I used to have mine every 2/3 months for years as they didn't trust me to take the meds correctly  ;D

--- Quote ---Feeling fine , I unfortunately thought (after my very good June's results of 540cd4 and 3rd continuous time undetectable ) and taking into account all your life saving,mentally, comments and opinions and experience, that I would be forever undetectable and love even without aids till my 70s
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Glad you feel fine.

Keep taking your meds, look after yourself and attend your clinic visits, your well-controlled HIV isn't going to stop you from reaching your 80s+

--- Quote --- I never missed a doss , but many days due to tough schedule I managed to take my pills after 25-27 hrs and not as perfectly as 24 hrs and then I continued this schedule every 24 hrs since then so I managed to save 6 pills since I started treatment. So since year has 365 I still open new bottles evey 10th of each month.
Is this really a non consistent adherence to treatment???
--- End quote ---

Glad to hear you never missed a day of your meds.

Every 25-27 hours for a few days over the year. So on those days, you took the meds 1-3 hours late if I understand you.

Look ideally you take the meds at the same time every day, which helps prevent you from forgetting them all altogether however, life happens and a few hours early or late isn't going to be an issue.

Perfect adherence is considered taking your meds 95%+ of the time on time. So even if you missed a few pills completely over a year it would still be perfect adherence (Not that I recommend skipping pills, don't) 

Personally, I aim to take my pills within a four-hour window per day. Things that can help are setting a reminder on your phone or picking a better time to take your meds.

You are not the first nor will you be the last person to ask about adherence and worry about a few hours. ;)



--- Quote ---Would you recommend it to me or its still fine from my hospital to get this every six months tests ???
--- End quote ---

The public is clinic is fine.

--- Quote ---Also about if it's is granted that when you take consistently tour doses and don't miss them occasionally, isn't it sure that you will remain UD for let's say 20 years ??
--- End quote ---

Hmmm...Do I think that I will remain UD for 20 years if I take my meds correctly?
Yes, I take my meds and that's my expectation. I don't have any medical conditions that cause absorption issues and I check for interactions.



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