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Retiring and relocating?


Hi -- I'm wondering if you might be able to point me in a direction.  I'm looking to retire and currently am taking Biktarvy.  I anticipate that my main -- if not sole -- income will be social security.  I've been considering retiring overseas but health care is clearly an issue.  I'm guessing that most private insurance will refuse to cover me -- but I could be wrong.  It also appears, though, that Portugal and Costa Rica will cover you under their national insurance program at some point.

If I stay in the US and maintain an income below the threshold (say 500% below poverty in some states), I can earn up to 50K or so and get my medications subsidized through ADAP.  Medicare Part D seems abysmal in terms of coverage.

Does anyone have any suggestions on resources about relocating overseas with HIV? Or best options for insurance in the US?  I believe AHF offers some specifically designed Medicare programs for HIV+ patients but this is available only in Miami, Atlanta and CA - though moving may be an option.

Dissatisfied with healthcare in the US

PS -- what are the limits to ordering generic Biktarvy directly from India.

been pondering the sme dynamics.  thailand seems to be a great alternative.  have al look through these boards, theres some info. pm me if yo uwanna chat about it, as i have alot of first hand knowledge of all things not HIV about thailand.   the hiv part, i only know whats in this site. good luck

Some others might be more informed on this issue, but I understand that some states have an asset limit that you must be under to qualify for ADAP.  Most retirees have some sort of nest egg.  Here in NV, I would never qualify based on the meager asset limit of only 10K, excluding home and car.

Here's the article I'm getting that information from:

You can get a retirement visa for Mexico if you meet income and/or minimum asset limits.  A friend recently relocated from the US to Puerta Vallarta and likes it.

I'm of a similar quandary... I was retired and living in Thailand for the last 15 years but recently the Government there has made long term retirement visas very unpredictable and the availability of HIV medications that were easily/cheaply sourced at the Bangkok Red Cross has also been reported to be changing...

I am now a resident of California and covered under the ACA (Im still under 65)... But I am looking at Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) as my main retirement spot and just returning to the US periodically for bi-annual checkups and to pick up my meds that are sent to my domicile PO Box in Palm Springs...

I like the stability of having my US doctor and medications source and plan to maintain it long term as it is highly likely one will have to return to the US at later date either because they are forced out of a country or when when one gets too old...

Basically don't burn your bridges and have a plan B to any life abroad...

I should also mention that I maintain a 6 month supply of HIV meds on hand that was easily sourced while liven in Thailand... One could easily visit Thailand as a tourist and acquire the meds to give them a nice safety net for any country they choose to live..


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