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Undetectable, dating and sex

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--- Quote from: JimDublin on February 21, 2019, 04:40:14 am ---Yeah the VL is too low to transmit even if the other normal biological conditions for including route HIV are there.

Effectively No HIV

It can't hurt to try counselling and besides professional counselling I am personally   
a big fan of peer support for a lot of things. Are you in face to face contact with other people living with HIV ?

Best, Jim

--- End quote ---

No,I dont have contact with other people living with HIV.

Jim Allen:
Well this section of the forum focuses on the Prevention questions, but the other sections like "Living With HIV" are open to anyone living with HIV so a wider audience if you ever feel like talking about living with HIV or have questions, need to vent etc.

We are always here and, you are always welcome to come chat.

Have you been in contact with any of the ASO's in your region? Because if you were interested in meeting people face to face they often would either organize them or know of others who organize support meetings and so on.

Jim Allen:
Thanks for the PM BTW  :)

Do stay in touch and, were here if you need us.


Hello guys, I have been + since 2017, three months after starting treatment I was already undetectable (since December 2017) and since then I have been undetectable, almost 5 years being undetectable, I am adherent to treatment, I never miss a dose. Last control in February/2022 Undetectable viral load and CD4 896. I am currently dating an HIV - guy, monogamous relationship, he had his HIV and STDS tests all negative when we Star daiting, and we have had sex without a condom, being me active and in 2 opportunities I have ejaculated inside of him.

This is when my fears, doubts and guilt come, I have read a lot about the U=U, also about serodiscordant relationships, but, is there any real risk that it could infect him, and second if I am undetectable, does he need to be in prep?

PS: when his tests were done, three weeks before we had had sex without a condom.

Thanks you so much.

Jim Allen:
In short, as long as you keep taking your treatment and have been UD (under 200 copies per milliliter) for 6+ months you can not pass on the virus sexually.

TaSP (Treatment as prevention) isn't new and goes back 24 years.

As you are having condomless intercourse consider testing more frequently for STIs.


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