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SSDI and my insurance company

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what a life:
I got a letter from my insurance company stating that someone on my plan had a serious illness and I my be able to get benefits. I got a card to send in for more information about ssdi. Yes all the co-pays and other related costs are eating away my savings but I am not looking for a hand out. I guess having my issues and the goverment scares me. Is this something everyone gets? I guess I am already on some list? I have a job and insurance and I am very thankful for this. I just was not expecting this letter and it kind of freaked me out. Is this something everyone who tests poz gets? Any feed back would be appreciated

No, I don't think it's something everyone who's poz gets.  I've never heard of it, but maybe someone else can help you.

I have seen letters like this.... the insurance company is scanning your records and found expensive drugs and /or Dr visits and tests that show higher than usual costs......Before you respond getall the info you can fro a local ASO  about possible benefits and what it means if you have some insurance...typically you can only use one or the other...but every case is different and a good ASO  can help with the details...

It sounds to me like the insurance company is trying to find a way to get off the hook and stop your coverage.  Your meds are way too expensive and go over the imaginary threshold they've set for themselves to keep costs down. 

It's their problem not yours.

Their solution is for you to go on SSDI. You'd have to quit your job for one thing. I don't think you want to do that.  And chances are Medicare would deny you. 

Be careful about any letter you send to them, especially if it is form letter they sent you.  I'm sure they've worded it to their advantage and just gives them more fodder. If it was me, I would just ignore it.  IF they follow-up with another letter, well, we'll deal with that later.


seems like your insurance company is fishing. i would shred the letter. if you are still working or able to work, ssdi is not something for which you would readily qualify and the medicare part of ssdi doesn't kick in til 24 months into disability. you would have to qualify for medicaid between the two times (geeting SSDI and qualifying for lifetime medicare). they would not have gotten a letter from any diagnostic person cause that is illegal without your written expressed consent, however, the insurance company probably has a department full of research nerds who sit in the basement with a cold pepsi and an endless supply of cheetos screening payments for drugs, then they flag people with cancer, hiv, etc or who are on meds typical for those conditions. i would not give them a tad of information beyond what they have. thanks, Zan


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