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Bienvenido a los Foros Comunitarios de POZ, un área de discusión contínua para personas con VIH/SIDA, sus amigos/familiares/personas que los cuidan, y otros a quienes les interese el tema del VIH/SIDA. Haz clic en los enlaces que siguen para visitar nuestros foros, o participa de la conversación al inscribirte en el sector izquierdo de esta página.

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Mensajes recientes

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Estoy infectado? / Re: AYUDA, Sexo Oral
« Último mensaje por Andy Velez en Hoy a las 07:23:23 pm »
Nada mas con preguntas y dudas.  Adelante con tu vida normal.  Estas en punto de recibiendo un bloquado permanente aqui.  El VIH no es tu problema!
Estoy infectado? / Re: Ayuda
« Último mensaje por Andy Velez en Hoy a las 07:17:56 pm »
OK. De nada y ahora adelante con tu vida normal sin dudas sobre el VIH.
Estoy infectado? / Re: Sexo oral y heridas
« Último mensaje por Andy Velez en Hoy a las 07:16:49 pm »
Estas preocupando innecesario.

Tu saliva tiene mas que doce elementos y proteinas cuales son efectivo contra la transmicion del VIH fiable.

Adelante con tu vida y no tiene que probar para el VIH.
Estoy infectado? / Re: andy velez y expertos miedo
« Último mensaje por Andy Velez en Hoy a las 07:14:39 pm »
Muy bueno. Ahora adelante con tu vida sin dudas sobre el VIH.
Living With HIV / Re: Positive Tedx talk
« Último mensaje por Almost2late en Hoy a las 06:11:55 pm »
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure it will help some people gain a better understanding about HIV.
Sorry about your family members decision to stop communication with you :( . Hope they one day realize what a big mistake that is.

Living With HIV / Re: Positive Tedx talk
« Último mensaje por elf en Hoy a las 05:58:18 pm »
thank you
Questions About Treatment & Side Effects / Re: Am I Doomed?
« Último mensaje por JimDublin en Hoy a las 04:29:43 pm »
Doomed, no.

You missed a dose, that's life it happens, just don't make it a habit.

induced a few references on the topic as adherence but basically your medication is more forgiving that you think, that said we should all try for 100% adherence but no panic or stress is needed over a missed dose when it does happen. That's life, and it happens to the best of us.

Take it easy

Irrespective of the cut-off point for optimal adherence, our findings support the tenet that optimal adherence to ART is associated with positive clinical outcomes. The threshold for optimal adherence to achieve better virologic outcomes appears to be wider than the commonly used cut-off point (≥95% adherence). Though patients taking ART should be instructed to attain ≥95% adherence, apprehensions of slightly lower adherence should not deter prescribing ART regimens at an early stage of HIV infection.
Am I Infected? / Re: Broken condom as top. So worried about anal fluids.
« Último mensaje por JimDublin en Hoy a las 04:20:53 pm »
The condom broke during intercourse, you therefor met all the biological conditions needed for acquiring HIV. Its that simple, no need to overthink this one as its irreverent.

Test post exposure for hiv at 6 weeks and 3 months for an conclusive result , also test for easier to transmit STIs

If you are considering starting PEP do so sooner rather than later no later than 72 hours post exposure.

Pre-HAART Long-Term Survivors / Re: Life changes, sort of
« Último mensaje por guitargal en Hoy a las 04:07:06 pm »
Wondering how you are as far as pain now?
 I took a lot of advil tylenol, for severe pain, had an ulser. all those tests, scope down the throat! ugh.
I tried, smoked a lot of weed, high CBD, all kinds from dispensary, some helped a little with my pain. some made it worse.

Did the Celebrex cause the ulsers? Does it really work for pain? Joint and muscle? Tendon and bursitis?

I tried all the antidepressants they wanted me to try that are supposed to help pain...felt worse, didn't help. Lyrica yuck, cymbalta, OMG. horrible. gabapentin drooling mess..

then the doc gave me RX for low dose hydrocodone was on it from 2012 - 2017  ( I went off a few times to assess my pain and no problem weening off only took low dose so not stoned feeling, hate that feeling i am not looking to get high. just be normal and be able to work part time, do normal things, walk, drive, go to the grocery ect) and that helped so much I felt I had my life back.. stomach then was fine and I was able to do things, live life, do some odd jobs for money.

I ran out of pain meds last December. I knew it would happen but wanted to be with my son for the winter.  I stayed in CA for 4 months. Went to clinic in CA,super nice people but  they would not prescribe for me, so my activity and struggle to be pain free and quality of life was not that great. I hate waking up crying everyday and try to hide the swollen eyes.

Came home and doc would not refil with out appointment. Waited over 6 weeks for appointment. Would not refil. I have been struggling. I am alone, no friends, no money.
I called again and spoke with nurse. Doc won't prescribe pain meds anymore/ Wants me to try Effexor.  wants me to go to pain clinic 2 hrs away. I went there 6 years ago, 2 times, alone in crying pain, and there were no answers but they told my doc  a low dose of hydrocodone would be fine. Fibromyalgia. That Doc said he didn't believe in fibromyalgia but gave me 2   5mg  pills a day script.
 I switched docs for another reason,  to who I have now who actually increased my RX pain meds to 4 a day, but I usually only took 3. I could function and smile again sometimes.

I have been in leg pain over 10 years, and wide spread body pain and cramping for 7 and tried every thing but celebrex. Does it work?  why have they not suggested it?

 Yesterday and today I have horrible shin splints because I felt good on Wednesday and did a lot of walking. Like if I go to a museum or fair, concert, mall, I suffer for days....

Why can't doctors prescribe me pain meds anymore?? I live alone, mature, won't OD, won't sell them... I am at the end of my rope.? I am 56, not an addict, not a drug seeker, I live with being  in pain back in 1999 and managed it until it got really bad in 2012,

How much advil can one take? it does not help. I take hot baths I use ice pack. I am so done with these doctors.

I have had no money for decades, struggling, fighting the ASO to help with housing,  can't enjoy things, hard to eat when in pain let alone cook and clean.
Why can't I get relief?

 and I have been taking tons of OTC advil etc. worried i will get the stomach problems again.

 I can't work again, i am not dependable, can hardly walk or lift things half the week. if I drive a lot I am in pain and flat out doing nothing the next day and a half... I can't cope anymore.

and worried I will become either homeless or car less. can't afford both... unless I can earn money.

I am selling everything I own to make ends meet.
 Maybe I should try Canada or Mexico?

Living With HIV / Positive Tedx talk
« Último mensaje por gemini20 en Hoy a las 03:01:14 pm »
Although I rarely visit the forums these days I thought members might be interested in the Tedx talk I gave in May this year.

I have always spoken out as an HIV positive woman since my diagnosis 27 years ago. Back then the internet hadn't really begun so there was no way of getting information other than through newspapers or support groups. Today if you are newly diagnosed you have endless resources which hopefully makes your journey a little easier.

I know I am only one voice telling my particular story but I hope it reaches a wider audience and helps to dispel many of the stereotypes and helps tackle the stigma around this disease.

If the link doesn't work then search Youtube for Positive Voice HIV

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