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Diagnosed this year and learning

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--- Quote from: Shazam9cd4 on February 05, 2023, 10:17:43 am ---Really helps me move forward with more confidence!

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one thing I like to ask myself sometimes is "how am I feeling"? Not how is my HIV, the meds, the depression, the stress. Just how am I feeling right now.

Personally, because I was in the hospital a few times really close to death, I've come to believe that any day that I'm NOT is a hospital is a pretty damned good day. :D Heck even if the weather is bad, the bills are past due, my car has stranded me by the side of the road (between my cars and the courier vehicles I've driven, I've been stranded 28 times after a wreck or car breakdown), or anything else has gone wrong (house fires, burglaries, etc.), simply being alive makes any day start off at least 90% good. :D Then if you're feeling pretty healthy for your age, that's gotta add another 5-7% happiness to your day.

So sometimes instead of examining your cd4s or vl or bp or sugar or whatever, simply examine how you are feeling. If you're feeling good, then go with that feeling. Anybody here who has lived with HIV 30 or 40 years will tell you that a positive attitude will carry you through a lot more years that worrying if you vl is 50 or undetectable, or if your cd4s are 500 or more. ;) :D

The only caveat to being able to keep this kind of happiness is to live your life and, of course, adhere to your daily meds.


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