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I recently tested poz (23 jun 06) and I'm hoping to find some local support groups in the Chicagoland area as well as a couple websites in which I can blog and read other blogs. This site has been very helpful, esp with the meds but  I'm also looking for a site that might give me an opportunity to ask a few questions of a medical professional. Anyone have any ideas?

Here are two excellent sites where you can read information and ask questions to HIV doctors.  I have used them several times and they have been very helpful.

There is plenty of good information out there as well as at this site.  These forums are very helpful and full of information.

Good luck!


hi positiveoutlook,

sorry to hear this, but believe me, it is not the end of the world,
i tested poz very recently, and have not even really looked at a different website then this one.
i have got more support and information then i could ever wish for.
all the lessons on the site are great but would be pointless if it wasn't supported by everyone on the forum,
Every qeustion  you have you can ask here, and believe me, i asked some really dumb ones.
and each time i got at least a answer that helped me,

Hi positiveoutlook. Sorry you tested poz. I recommend:

Things You Should Know Before Starting Treatment - click here


The Big Treatment Questions - click here on this site

We're here for you   8) 8)

Hi positiveoutlook,

I cannot help you with Chicago contacts, never been there in my life, but I can wish you a warm welcome to this community. Sorry you had to join, but at least you found us.



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