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Jim Allen:
An email invite has been sent out for Saturday's meeting. If you have not signed up yet but want to join just let me know.

POZ Monthly Virtual Gathering

Saturday, June 1st.

Meeting time:

08:00 PDT
09:00 MDT
10:00 CDT
11:00 EDT
16:00 Ireland
16:00 CAT (Central Africa Time
17:00 CEST 
20:30 IST
01:00 Sydney NSW (Sunday)

cool. See y'all tomorrow! ;D

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: leatherman on May 31, 2024, 03:45:42 pm ---cool. See y'all tomorrow! ;D

--- End quote ---


What a fantastic call per usual. Iím not sure about everyone else, but I know meeting with some likeminded people and just commiserating, or rather laughing for a few hours, has been highly beneficial for me and provided a much needed relief.

Jim and Michael, you are both wonderful people and, more so, a wealth of knowledge. Itís a shame more people donít tune in to these calls to learn, laugh, or just take a breather from real life for a bit.

Until next time my friends!


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