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My daughter has was diagnosed in 2004 with hiv. She is 50 now and her CD4 is in the 900s i think. She worries about covid all the time and doesn't go out much. So i do most of her shopping,etc.. I am fully vaccinated as of today, but i'm afraid to lose the mask because of the Delta variant and don't want to take any chances of her catching it. Should i continue wearing a mask when i'm in public? I would appreciate any advice.
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Jim Allen:
Hi Sue,

900 CD4, i'm sure more than a few members would be jealous :)

Anyhow, your daughter is lucky that you are able to provide support  :) Has your daughter been vaccinated as well?

Anyhow, the approved vaccinations are highly effective against the COVID virus, although, no vaccine is 100%. I've been fully vaccinated myself, but I am still following the basics to keep myself safe and others, so washing hands, physical distancing and wearing my mask.

Hope that helps and if you feel your daughter would benefit from chatting with other people living with HIV please let her know were here.

Best, Jim.


I live in an area where masks are mandated for all info public areas.

The mandate includes all workplaces and common areas of residential buildings.

They aren't a great hardship and if they improve the odds by a percentage point or two I'm happy


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