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Hi All

I trust all is well.

I was looking for some advice with something, now I just want to start of saying thank you ever so much for this forum it's very helpful,

I'm still getting used to all of this but I'm hoping I could get some help, my son has been tested HIV positive. Were staying calm & collected, but last night we were discussing what we could do to help the situation &  we discussed make-up, now my wife isn't around to help anymore so I don't really know what to do here & if it'll help. I've been looking into:

But would this work?

The legions aren't too big yet but we are expecting them to grow & want to tackle it now I'd love to get as much advice as I can on this.

I really appreciate you guys & thank you for the help



Can't help you with make up advise but what are his lesions? Why are you expecting them to grow?.
Assuming he is on medication and controlling the virus his immune system should be taking care of lesions.

Hopefully you will get a more helpful answer from someone who has experienced this issue. I think many of us now never face this problem.


          ojo.           Hi James, tell your son to join our forums, you and him will learn all you need to know about hiv and, may be, sharing his story with us, it will make him feel better…good luck.                    ojo

Years ago I was off medications, I developed 80 ks lesions.
Within two weeks of starting art medications they were starting to fade. All gone within 6 months.


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