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AMG 2018!!!

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Well, seeing as we are now officially into 2018 (I believe on all points of the globe), I thought I might start a thread for ideas, comments, posts, etc. about a [potential] 2018 AMG.

I know that personally, I have not had a chance to see, I think, any of you in person since Seattle, and would love the chance to get together in person once again!

So.... let the posting begin!


I'd love to attend on of these, but would need to organise a  visa and international airfares, In previous years the decision /indecision seems to drag on forever leaving us international out of the picture.

Well, then let's not drag our feet, shall we? Perhaps it would be okay to post in some of the main threads letting people know we've started a topic for AMG 2018? Your thoughts on this?


I think that's an excellent idea, not to many people check the forums gatherings thread.

Jim Allen:
Well I have set this thread as "Sticky" for you and cleaned up the old ones and old threads out of this section for you. On the Living with HIV section i've posted a note that ill bump weekly until you have decided/planned out the AMG.



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