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It is with great sadness to inform all you fine folks here that our beloved Joe Killfoile has passed away.  Joe goes back a long way on these forums, well over a decade and was a great contributor and moderator here and had sage advice for so many.

His beloved Stephen is beside himself.  Having been to Joe and Stephens wedding in Montreal in 2006 this hits particularly hard.  I know it will for Jan and so many others hete as well.

We have lost so many, the last year or so have been wery hard.  Peace to all of you and take good care of your most precious health.

I'm so saddened to read this news.  I had hoped for all the best and he would make a recovery.

Jim Allen:
Truly very sorry to hear of Joe's passing.

Sadly I did not know Joe very well however he was a great support to me at first and will be missed. 

I know so many of you are very close to Joe and my heart and thoughts go out to you today and I wish you all strength during this difficult period. 


Dearest joe,

I have only known you on the forums for a little while. Like myself you were there for much of the "Newly s" on here. You have given us all inspiration to live a normal life and i honestly don't know what i would have done if you had not talked to me. I cant thank you enough for the information you have provided me with and the loving energy you passed down to many.

I am terribly sorry, rest in peace joe <3

So sad!


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