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In memory of Ian

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i've read your memorials for six years now, and it never fails to hit the feels

i hope you have found peace as well

Another year to add to so many since you've been gone.

Year 24 since the day you left me and I made my annual trip to your grave to say hello and remember our time together.

My life has moved on, a new love who brings me much joy and happiness but you will always be remembered on this day.


Emma x

Hugs to my dear favorite London lady Emma.  May the anniversary of Ian's passing bring you comfort in knowing that you were a wonderful partner to him in life.  Hugs to you and I hope you are safe after all the horrors that lunatic terrorists have brought to your great city.

Can't quite believe it is 25 years ago today since you passed away. Some days it still feels so fresh in my memory that it could have been yesterday. Those last few hours in the hospice are forever etched in my mind. How different life with HIV is today.

I came and sat at your grave today and thought of the time we had together and the impact you made on my life. It's good to remember and I hope wherever your spirit is now you are at peace.

Forever in my thoughts on this day.

Until next year...


Bless you for continuing to memorialize the spirit of Ian here within these pages of sweetness and light:  never forget, remember always those who have journeyed  before. 

May they forever enjoy the peace the passes all understanding.


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