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Title: Ways to Coup/Deal with being +
Post by: thenoesis89 on March 02, 2019, 07:18:05 am
So I've been having a lot of ups and downs since I have been diagnosed. The first two weeks were rough for me mentally. During some moments I would feel normal, some just numb, or just feel tired and over everything and almost on the verge of tears. And I always am tired, always feel tired. I had issues I had to deal with growing up and sometimes my mind goes to a dark place but I can snap out of it, but it seems to wander back at times. Now having almost a month with this new life and this week I feel my meds are finally making me feel almost normal again I almost forget I am HIV+, until it is time for my daily medicine. I've been dealing with this the best way I can and what seems to have helped me is the musical RENT. I have always loved that musical but now that I can relate it means much more. I listen to the music non stop now and I tear up when it gets too real, but it helps me keep pushing forward. I wish I had someone to talk to with in person about this sometimes as I feel so alone and isolated, but I keep trying to be positive and keep going on. What are some ways that can help me deal with this. What did you do to get you through this?
Title: Re: Ways to Coup/Deal with being +
Post by: Mindless on March 02, 2019, 11:45:36 pm
Hi there,

such a difficult question to answer in a post. Iím going through what you describe myself and tried psychotherapy, anti-depressants, self-help technics.
I was depressed way long before getting my dx (2 years ago) so I already had some experience with the dark side.
As I said, your question is very difficult to answer as I think each one of us is different and so requires different approaches/solutions. Though I left therapy after many many years my suggestion, if you never tried it, is to start from there: at the beginning an external help can be extremely important to put your first foot out of the depression pit. Sometimes also meds are necessary, eg. to get back your energy and not feel ďtiredĒ all the time.
Still donít expect that these will be the solutions to all your inner troubles, always remember that you are in charge and nobody/nothing else can solve your problems on your behalf.

So, if you really feel hopeless, look out for help from someone with the right set of skills, someone you trust. But then remember the rest is up to you.

Feel free to get in touch if you need it.

Title: Re: Ways to Coup/Deal with being +
Post by: Jim Allen on March 03, 2019, 05:04:54 am

You are only a month or so into this, being newly diagnosed can be a shock and a lot to digest at first. Give yourself time.

You mentioned in the other thread that your case worker had arranged an appointment with a therapist, how is that going?

Other things you could do to help you through this time are things like:

About the peer support groups, have you looked into if there are any local peer support groups? I think meeting more people face to face who have experienced the same can be really good. 

Best, Jim
Title: Re: Ways to Coup/Deal with being +
Post by: harleymc on March 03, 2019, 11:44:38 pm
It's perfectly normal to feel somewhat overwhelmed by a new diagnosis and new treatment regimen especially when the diagnosis is for a condition about which there is so much misinformation about.

General strategies that can help with depression and anxiety are varied and worth trying a few of them, they seem to work better as parts of solving the puzzle.

All the things that Jim suggested are great and things that I actively pursue.
In addition I'd look at throwing mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy (a talking therapy)

Mindless has some good suggestions too.

Ultimately you can pick and choose multiple strategies,  there is certainly no reason that we need to be unhappy in life.