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--- Quote from: Tonny2 on January 28, 2023, 01:28:11 pm ---now that you are positive you got to be more positive with your life

--- End quote ---
there's no better advice than that!!

TBH you'll feel like crap off and on for a while. You're gotten a rather serious diagnosis of a medical issue and there's just no making that better. Luckily, it's not the 90s anymore, so while I can't offer you advice to make you feel better about your situation right now, hold onto the fact that things will get better. Take your meds, count your blessing you caught this early, and try to live every day to it's fullest. Having a positive attitude will certainly help you reach those goals.

Thanks for the kind words guys. I'm on Biktarvy, I've not noticed any side effects other than maybe being more tired than usual. Then again I haven't been sleeping great.

Jim Allen:
Biktarvy, good solid first line treatment.


So I told the last person I slept with to get tested... which I thought was the right thing. He was a friend so I made a point of telling him in person. It did not go well and now I'm devastated all over again. He made it sound like I had done something malicious. But I had no idea at the time. I had zero reason to suspect I had it until I got tested. He made it pretty clear he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I've known him for years, I would never do anything to intentionally hurt a friend (or anyone for that matter). Did I fuck up? Should I have told him anonymously? That didn't feel right given our history but now I'm full of doubt.

Ps apologize for swearing if thats against the rules, I didn't see anything about it.

Jim Allen:
Sorry to hear your friend reacted badly to the news. It can be a shock so prehaps give them time to get their head around it.

Sharing your HIV status with someone, you can never control how they are going to react, you can, of course, work on the delivery.  Anyhow, once someone knows, they can also pass that information on, so I recommend caution and thinking about what you hope to get from sharing your HIV status before you do.

In your situation, you were right to make sure your past sexual partners are informed so they can test and get treatment as needed, but prehaps a service or getting the clinic would have been better at delivering the news, particularly as you are still digesting the news yourself and vulnerable at the moment.

Anyhow, don't dwell on this, its done now and it was the right thing to do.


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