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Does Cannabis Use Impair Treatment Adherence?


Jim Allen:
I have mixed thoughts on this one, but posting it as its news and an interesting read.

--- Quote ---People with HIV who recently used marijuana were twice as likely to miss taking their meds.

Older people living with HIV who used cannabis within the past month were about twice as likely to sometimes miss doses of their antiretroviral medications, according to a study published in Open Forum Infectious Diseases.

"Our findings suggest that regular cannabis use by older people with HIV is associated with a greater risk of imperfect ART [antiretroviral therapy] adherence” compared with not using cannabis, the study authors concluded.

Estimates suggest that one quarter to one half of people living with HIV use cannabis, substantially higher than the proportion in the general population.
--- End quote ---

lightweights. LOL smoking nearly every day for 35 yrs has never caused weed to be the reason for me skipping meds.  ;D ;D

the study was an interesting read though. I wonder what other co-factors they might have looked at? I didn't read about housing, income level (although insurance can give some insight to income), or other information about living situations. (housing, family, friends, partners, etc.). Plus self-reporting pot usage every 6 months as yes/no for the past month seems slack.


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