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Recently tested + and am lost,



Diagnosed Mid Nov 2022, had simply gone for a regular check up and test to get on Prep. No reason to think I would be +.  Never been sick, never did anything that made me concerned or second guessing, no symptoms. Dr. was surprised.

Initial results. VL 100,000 CD4 180 - Started on Bitkarvy immediately.

All other normal checks were good for a late 50's guy. I'm fit, in great shape, and up until now lived a fairly quiet, normal life.

I am now, per my username, despondent, anxiety riddled, lost, unable to focus, concentrate, cannot get it out of my head, it's like a bad song - but never goes away. I don't know what to do, where to go. It's soul destroying to be honest.

I had no side-effects of medication, apart from slight nausea but that could be my anxiety as well, it's so bad my skin feels like i've got electricity running through me.

Test results after 1 month. VL 100, CD4 just shy of 300.

My Dr said this was excellent. My CD8's are really high - and I have read conflicting articles on what this means. If someone could explain in plain english?

My cholesterol has gone through the roof, my potassium is through the roof. I am hoping these will settle down - the potassium is in line with kidney issues - again, i'm hoping this is just temporary, as everything I read indicates it is quite serious.

I know I said I had no symptoms prior to diagnosis, but some skin issues, nothing major that were odd to me, cleared up after being on medication after about 2 weeks.

I have read every entry in this blog, at least 5 x, I have researched ad nauseum. I know so many have gone through so much more than me, I don't mean to diminish anyone else, and all the stories have been enlightening, but I'm having a pitty party like I've never experienced in my life. I'm a good guy, who feels like I've been kicked to the kerb. Thank you for allowing me to post.

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but glad you have started treatment and, within one month, have seen great VL results.

As for the cholesterol, any details about what you mean when you say it is elevated? This can spike slightly when starting treatment; give it time to settle; it doesn't sound like your doctor monitoring this is bothered.

--- Quote ---My CD8's are really high
--- End quote ---

Yeah, it would be you have HIV and had untreated HIV with it only being suppressed recently. What exactly do you mean by high, though? The average count is 150 to 1000, more interesting to look at the CD4:CD8 ratio

Anyhow, an elevated CD8 count is common enough with untreated HIV; no surprise, the immune system is being attacked, and the CD4 count is declining. After treatment, the CD4:CD8 ratio can remain inverted for some, slowly getting somewhat better usually but not always, and it can indicate ongoing inflammation.

Nothing much you can do about it other than take your HIV meds to suppress the virus and let your immune system have time to recover.

Take it easy.

Hello Jim, thank you for your reply. My CD8's were 1760.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: Despondent on January 01, 2023, 06:49:02 pm ---Hello Jim, thank you for your reply. My CD8's were 1760.

--- End quote ---

Oh okay, not the end of the world stuff.

Now your VL has started to be suppressed, give it a few months, and the CD8 should start to settle. What did your doctor say?

He didn't mention them, but it was over the phone, so hopefully that means he's not overly concerned. Thank you.


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