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HIV positiv since 21 days.

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Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: testii28 on June 27, 2022, 02:13:58 am ---We are not on this earth to live forever. It is quite normal.

--- End quote ---

You are not going to die anytime soon as a result of your HIV status.

It's an initial infection so, within the first few months, low points are to be expected in CD4 count although CD4% would be more telling and now you have started treatment the virus will start to be suppressed meaning the immune system doesn't have to fight a losing fight anymore, it can heal for lack of better phase and HIV  can no longer do unchallenged measured & unmeasured damage to your immune system.

I know it can be rough at first and feel overwhelming, know that you are not alone and give yourself and the medication time.

A good approach is perhaps not to put the virus in the center of life.
We have antibodies from different viruses in our body that are dormant. There is no reason for Hiv to be an exception. I am just trying to adjust my mindset.

I will update you when I get my new results. Thank you for your support man.   


             ojo.            Welcome to the forum…getting an hiv dx it is overwhelming and it takes time to digest the bad news. You are not alone and we are here to support you with info and moral support…now all you need to do is take your med as prescribed and try to keep busy so you don’t think too much about your dx. I’m sure that pretty soon you will become undetectable making you feel calmer while your “soldiers” start going up again…please keep us posted, good luck…hugs

Hi Tonny,

thanks for your reply. The first days were a bit hard to accept the situation, but there are worse things in life than an HIV infection. It is just a virus and we can treat it.
If this fatigue and concentration problems disappear, everything will be perfect.

Great Forum and support.


I got the first result after one month of therapy.
CD4 jumped from 201 to 534 but unfortunately the machine for the VL didn't work. It will take a few weeks until i get the result.

@Jim, my CD4% is 38 what does it mean.  You said it will be more telling. I couldnt ask the doctor due to language barrier.


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