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Request from the AMG Coordinator - Bourbon Hotel pics


The Canuck:
Here's what you requested  ;)

The Canuck

[attachment deleted by admin]

The Canuck:
second one  :)

[attachment deleted by admin]

AMG Coordinator:
Merci!   :)

i'll add this here rather than create a new thread.

For the sticky topic... everytime I see the 'new' button there, I click on it, but since it's pretty big now, I have no idea what's been added or changed...

can we maybe start a log of changes at the bottom?

kinda of like

6/14/06 added picture of hotel
6/15/06 added link to t-shirt
6/20/06 confirmed dingo will not be buying everyone drinks for being hero

just something very short that's descriptive of the change so it doesn't go unnoticed?

AMG Coordinator:

That's a great idea! I'll start doing that.  Thanks buddy!   :)


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