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Pub Crawl - AMG06 ( suggestion )

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The Canuck:
Hello everyone !

I noticed on the AMG 06 Coordinator post on the events during the gathering in Montreal that the August 17th is '' free ''. It would be perfect for the '' Pub Crawl '' I suppose and have a suggestion for this.

Right besides the Bourbon accross the street there's a big club. This is the Sky Club and on the roof there's a terrace so it could be a possibility if we don't have rain on the 17th.

This is only a suggestion here but thought it would be perfect as we have several smokers, and we can smoke on an open roof.

Here's a comment ( review ) I found concerning the Sky Club & Pub  :

'' Thought by many to be the city's best gay club, Sky continues to thrive after its expensive recent renovations. Spiffy decor and pounding (usually house) music in the upstairs disco contribute to the popularity. Up to six transvestite performers present a cabaret show Friday and Saturday nights. Also on the second floor is a male strip club called Nirvana. On the third floor is a spacious disco. In addition to a restaurant, which serves dinner Monday through Saturday and brunch on weekends, there's an outdoor terrace and frequent two-for-one beer hours. ''


The Canuck

P.S. Since May 31st, 2006 ( yesterday ) there's a new law in Quebec prohibiting smoking into : restaurants ( only possible if they have table outdoors ), bars ( same as for restaurant ), all public buildings ( including shopping malls ), Hospital ( no smoking at 30 feet or less of any entrance of such building ).

P.P.S. Unless mistaken they applied a similar law yesterday in Ontario. It was previously restrictive in some cities only but now spread across the whole province.


Skycomplex (love the Mary J. Blige song on their web site BTW) looks cool! 

We can certainly ADD that one to the list of places to visit as far as I am concerned.



The Canuck:

Case close..unless someone object or have a better idea. Sky is the limit as they say.  :P

The Canuck

and they have dick dancers  :o

The Canuck:
Yep...the Nirvana is yours baby... :P

The Canuck


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