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Autor Tema: How long did it take you to get on medication  (Leído 1758 veces)

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Desconectado Josenoway10

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How long did it take you to get on medication
« en: Junio 18, 2017, 11:19:33 pm »
The one thing that has been causing me so much stress is how long this process is taking. I found out my statues  may 22nd, had my first appointment the 31st. Was given sulfmeth as an anti biotic June 9 and waiting on my second appointment coming next week. My cd4 was 108 when it was checked the 31st with my viral load being in 200 thousands. I still don't know what strain I have either. Is this normal? I'm getting care through a clinic that serves the LGBT community as well as low income so I understand them being swamped but should I take it as my situation isn't as dire as I think or should I be worried? I already have stated to develop symptoms of oral thrush as well. Part of me wants to cry while another part of me wants to stay calm and just hope I get medication before it's too late

Desconectado Ptrk3

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Re: How long did it take you to get on medication
« Respuesta #1 en: Junio 19, 2017, 12:00:17 am »
It's good that you have been started on the antibiotic to protect you from pneumocystis pneumonia.

You should begin an appropriate antiretroviral regimen as soon as practicable, once any genotype testing or resistance testing is completed.

Your oral thrush, if that is what it is, could be caused by the antibiotic you are taking, so stay calm.

When you next see your healthcare provider at the clinic, definitely insist that you be started on antiretroviral treatment as soon as practicable.

Once you start your antiretroviral regimen, you will be fine.  It is not too late for you to have a full recovery and live a complete life.
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HIV Transmission and Risks
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HIV prevention
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Desconectado em

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Re: How long did it take you to get on medication
« Respuesta #2 en: Junio 19, 2017, 01:25:53 am »
how long did it take to get on medication?

My ID doc started me on AZT when my t cells dropped to 200 after a few years or so of being at 600?

Everyone is different? I found out about HIV relatively early in my in my infection I guess.

I used fluconazole tablets for the thrush and it cleared up, and that was over twenty years ago I had thrush. MY ID doc recommended  I use salt water to  gargle with. when it was really bad I used vodka would not recommend that I almost passed out from the pain? but that was the early nineties a long time ago. it should clear up once you are taking modern meds. I started taking norvir when it was first tested then  my t cells were in the single  digits. everything changed. the thrush should  pass. then you should have many years of life ahead.

antiretroviral treatment as soon as practicable. ( good advice ) your numbers should rebound I know mine did .

I hope you the best

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Desconectado paintedroom

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  • Dx`d July 2016
Re: How long did it take you to get on medication
« Respuesta #3 en: Junio 19, 2017, 03:31:50 am »
 Hi Josenoway,

How you`re feeling is entirely understandable by try not to get into the extremes of worry.There are many here including myself who had lower cd4`s than you(50 in my case) and are making great recoveries.
I was started on ARV`s almost immediately(got cd4 count on a friday and was started on ARv`s the monday) upon getting cd4 count.I think cd4`s decline by 50 - 80 per year on average so they won`t disappear overnight and you are on the very important antibiotics.
I can only really echo Ptrk`s comment - "When you next see your healthcare provider at the clinic, definitely insist that you be started on antiretroviral treatment as soon as practicable." - you have to be measured and firm.

Keep us posted as to how you get on and try to keep calm.when you start on ARV`s,you KNOW you are on your way back to good health and that can happen very quickly.


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Desconectado harleymc

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Re: How long did it take you to get on medication
« Respuesta #4 en: Junio 19, 2017, 04:20:49 am »
Let me see I was diagnosed in 85 and AZT monotherapy was offered to me in 1989. But that's snot the answer you wanted to know about.

I'm a great advocate of same day dispensing, but the reality is a few weeks one way or the other will make no difference what so ever.

Desconectado JimDublin

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Re: How long did it take you to get on medication
« Respuesta #5 en: Junio 19, 2017, 04:45:41 am »
Indeed, agree with the above.

OP you are over worrying and that is somewhat understandble this is new to you.
However a few weeks is not going to change the road ahead, in the past starting treatment was based on your counts, we now know better and starting treatment is recommend regardless of lab results, but a few weeks is not a delay to stress about and to be honest its really good you are being seen so soon.

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Desconectado Mightysure

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Re: How long did it take you to get on medication
« Respuesta #6 en: Junio 19, 2017, 01:34:11 pm »
I have to preface this with I went to a private doctor. It took about 2 weeks after results came back. The main reason it was so soon was because I was eligible for genotype testing, so it was really a guessing game on which regimine to start me on.
But don't worry. If you're  typing this from your home and not a hospital bed, you're going to be fine until you get your prescription. And if something does indeed take a turn for the bad, then meds wouldn't have done much to stop it. So, just relax. You're going to be fine.

Desconectado kentfrat1783

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Re: How long did it take you to get on medication
« Respuesta #7 en: Julio 23, 2017, 08:42:43 pm »

It took me about a month after being diagnosed to get on Atripla. 

The reason for that is I was in the hospital for 7 days with PCP and the doctors (over 6 of them) were more concerned about getting that fixed first.  Then my followup with my ID doctor wasn't until 2 weeks after I go out of the hospital.  And then took a week to get the Rx mailed too me. 

I had some slight side effects due to the meds but the major ones only last a few weeks.  Now the odd dreams are odd but nothing that scares or wakes me up.

I have yet to get the 3 month blood work results after start the Atripla so I don't know how much it is helping.  I'm so looking forward too & dreading Sept 26th.  My CD4 count started at "2" and I'm unsure of my viral load but I'm being optimistic that things will greatly improve.

In the end of the day, when you start your ART Rx's is your choice and what your ID doctor thinks is best.  Then again the sooner you start is the better. 
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