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Help contacting someone in Istanbul



I was diagnosed with HIV a couple of months ago. Of course, the news has really changed my life and I have been working on myself a lot. I feel like I am really coming into power with who I am and accepting of this new journey. I have constantly been trying to puzzle together where and how I became infected and I am pretty sure it was a guy I briefly saw while I lived in Istanbul. I am afraid to personally reach out to him for several reasons I don't want to disclose but I want to see if there is any organization anyone would know of that could help contact him and keep me anonymous so that he becomes aware that he might be HIV+ and not know it.
I know he did not intend to pass this on to me and I don't want him to pass it to others and/or delay treatment if he is HIV+

Any help would be appreciated

Not only with HIV, but almost all medical stuff, there are no organisations that 'follow' people. Basically, HIV testing is so private and no hospital and/ or health provider is allowed to conduct the test if they dont have your consent. My advice is to text him nicely and just be honest.

Jim Allen:

I know anonymous partner notification (contact tracing & notification) is done here by the clinics. Not sure about Istanbul.

Maybe you can ask one of the local organization about partner notification.

Best, Jim.


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