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SRS while HIV+


I was admitted to hospital with PCP and a hybrid bird flu/pneumonia type virus and then diagnosed as HIV+. That was about  7 months ago. Am almost fully recovered and nearly U = U. I was hoping for a referral for full SRS (Sex Re-assignment Surgery) but have been advised that the whole procedure will involve a vastly increased risk to the extent that many surgeons will not perform the operation on those diagnosed HIV+. Has anyone been through the process with HIV and what problems did you encounter?

Jim Allen:
Hi Amanda,

Welcome to the forum, sorry to read that you had been sick, but I'm glad you have nearly recovered.  Hopefully, you will fully recover soon.

Aware, a few members have reported problems with sugary and their HIV status. However, it was other surgeries than SRS.

If you can share your general location like country, it might help the members chime in as they are from all over the world and the rules, regulations, cost and healthcare standards are so vastly different per nation and sometimes state.

Glad to hear you heading in the direction of having an undetectable viral load. How is the HIV treatment going otherwise?

Hello, I am in the UK though after referral I was intending to shop around for the best surgeons (probably Thailand). I believe it would be possible to go through the NHS for full SRS but that would be a long wait - even more so under the current situation. So any general information about any place in the world would be welcome.
As for the HIV treatment I am down to just Dapsone as I had a very low CD4 count of 55 which is rising very slowly and Biktarvy.  Getting information through the official channels is difficult at present as they are almost totally concentrating on covid treatment and prevention (I have already had 1st covid vaccine jab being in a high risk group). I have been advised that now being U = U I don't actually have to inform anyone of my status  (apart from applying for life insurance) though have been told it is best to let healthcare people like doctors, dentists etc know to avoid any drug interactions. Apart from that it is more the mental state causing anxiety that is more of a problem, particularly being unsure about my future plans. Though I supose that is an issue with evertyone in pretty muh all circumstances at the moment.


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