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Newly Diagnosed - Transmasculine (Feeling alone as a a transgender man)


Hey all -
I was recently diagnosed on September 10th and was immediately started on Biktarky on September 11th. I am quickly coming to terms with this considering I have worked at many HIV prevention and education organizations, but I am really realizing how isolating it is as a transgender man. Either they are quiet about it, or do not really exist. Just trying to navigate this.

Also - My VL was crazy high on my diagnosis which was concerning, but my doctor assured me that it was because I was right in the middle of seroconversion?

I was negative in January, March, and June and then positive in September. I was in bed VERY sick from August 30th-September 5th with fever, fatigue, and loss of appetite; and my doctor feels that that's when I was converting? Idk.. still learning all this.


Hi ejpalace,

Sorry about your recent diagnosis, but better you found out sooner than later. You are not alone.. and although you may be in a minority group as a poz transgendered male, you are still someone who shares the same diagnoses as the rest of the positive community. We're all human, and personally I've found lots of support from people different from myself.. you can too.

I know it can be hard but It does get easier to deal with in time. It's good that you are already on treatment before the virus can do any damage.

 Have you thought of connecting with support groups in your area  since you've had some experience with HIV organizations. I know in my area they've been zooming online due to covid.

I remember when I seroconverted, I thought it was just the most awful flu of my life and had no idea it was hiv. Fast forward about 15 years and I was in the hospital with aids. Yet, here I am, and so are you.

Wishing you the very best, and welcome.

Hi , how are you doing ?


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