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Have been off my pills since November.If I get back on them will they still work

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No when I found out I told my girlfriend. She said she loved me and didn't care and never got tested. I knew then I got it from her. We stayed together until 2017 and truthfully I was in denial. Never got on meds never got tested for it again just out of site out of mind. And in 2018 decided I needed to check and still had it. Saw a Dr and got on bktarvy and that is the only thing I've taken. And I only I felt fine and healthy until I got on the pills. I got tested in the beginning of 2020 the last time and was still underectable. Dr told me the meds are working but I felt worse every day then covid when the depression hit and his office was impossible to get into and he is the only socialist for 80 miles where I live. Not sure if this helps. I just know the depression was to much but now I'm regretting that. I've found nothing that goes beyond 4-5 days before you build a drug resistance so I'm hoping you all know more. I don't know my numbers I never kept track I just knew I wanted undetectable and got there. I didn't know the value and importance until all my research recently. I'm sorry I don't know more.

I do have a bottle from my last order I never took. I wasmt sure if taking them would be a bad idea until talking to the Dr in case it did something to my system if I do have a resistance to them. But if it is safe I could get a 3 week jump start before seeing the Dr. Today I join three forums because I haven't told on person besides ex I have this so the only things I know I have found on my own. So if it is safe I can start today
But 5 months is along time.

Jim Allen:

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about the depression and the rough time you have had.

Look stopping treatment cold turkey means you should not have built up any new resistance. However, for a number of reasons when you next talk to your HIV doc I would mention how you are you are feeling and that you stopped treatment.

Firstly they can run a new resistance panel to confirm there is no resistance and as some drugs can make depression worse it's important for them to know should they consider switching you etc. also it would not be a bad idea to talk to your healthcare provider about getting support & treatment for the depression.

Anyhow, wishing you the best.


I didn't know that about cold turkey. Very helpful
 Would me starting the left over pills effect or throw off a resistance panel in any way or should I wait 3 weeks to see my Dr first. I just don't want to jeopardize my system anymore then I already have

The depression I agree needs to be treated and was going to ask him then covid happened. In 7 years besides my ex girlfriend. This Is the first time I've told anyone or talked to anyone outside medical professionals. Was on the verge of a mental break down last night and knew if I didn't let this stuff out me talk I  wasn't going to come back from this. But I didn't know medicine could do that. I've been worse getting worse over the years I thought it was the isolation and loneliness and living with this so nothing would fix it. I tried prozac for a few months in 2019 but it kept making me throw up. So I stopped. But I do need to because I have given up almost completely if not for my daughter I would have. Thank you all for your help.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---Would me starting the left over pills effect or throw off a resistance panel in any way or should I wait 3 weeks to see my Dr first.
--- End quote ---

Look if the meds work they will start to suppress the virus. Depending on the VL after 3 weeks of meds and the accuracy of the doctor labs, it could make it difficult to run a resistance test.  That said if they work and suppress the viral load odds are it's working fine.

I can't tell you what to. If I found myself in your situation then depending on my last CD4 count I might wait the 3 weeks and talk to the doctor first.


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