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Have been off my pills since November.If I get back on them will they still work

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I was diagnosed in 2014. I felt fine all those years then Got on biktarvy in 2018. Didn't start feeling sick and going down hill until I got on the pills. Then Around November 2020 my depression plus tired of being weak and tired all the time I got off them. Hoping it was the pill and that was making me so weak and I would rather feel normal for a little while  then live like a shell to tired to move and sick all the time. But I was wrong. My depression made me want to give up. But lat night I broke down because I can't. Because my daughter needs me. SHe deserves me To fight for any extra minute I can save. It's been 5 months and I need to know if I screwed myself and if I get back on my pills if they will still work. I made appointment this morning with my Dr but can't get in until may 18th. So it's going to be a few weeks. If anyone has any info before then it is greatly appreciated.

Hi Salem, sorry about your depressed state. If you still have medication I would take them, they may still work.. but you still need to see your doctor and get labs to see where you are as far as viral load.. it's very possible the meds still work. What kind of viral load did you have when you last tested?

Last time I went I was undetectable. Not sure of the exact numbers.

What about your cd4's, where are you on that?

Were you on any antivirals before biktarvy?


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