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UK - NHS is 'failing' patients living with HIV


Jim Allen:
Not really news, I think most of us are aware or feel that the lack of integrated or holistic healthcare including mental health is not only a shortcoming but a barrier to ending this pandemic.

BBC - By Joshua Haigh Health reporter

In short:
--- Quote ---The failure to address the mental-health needs of people with HIV could lead to an increase in infections, a cross-party group of MPs suggests.

People with HIV are twice as likely to experience mental-health difficulties.

And in those with depression, support raises adherence to medication by 83%.

But most HIV clinics have no mental-health professionals on staff, which, the MPs say, could be reversing progress made over the past decade toward ending the epidemic in the UK.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on HIV and AIDS met with patients living with HIV at a range of hospital trusts throughout England, as well as numerous healthcare professionals.

And unless serious mental-health treatment shortfalls are addressed, the government will fail to achieve its target of zero transmissions by 2030, its report says.
--- End quote ---


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