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I gotta question about Prep or Pep (hope I put this in the right place)..

Now I know Truvada is used as Prep or Pep but are there any other hiv meds that can do the same?..

Just wondering if Epzicom can be used as a Prep/pep type medicine..
Have not seen any studies on this and I have checked with Mr.Googles but maybe I didn't check right.

Does Gilead have the Prep/pep business on lockdown?  :-\

Don't know if someone asked this before, if they did please direct me to that thread.

Joe K:
I'm only aware of Truvada being approved for use as PreP and PEP.

Here's the link on PreP:

Here's the link to transmission that has info on PreP and PEP, among other topics:



To the best of my limited knowledge, TRUVADA is the only kind approved.
Or is it different country by country?
TRUVADA = ツルバダ

Greetings from Tokyo, Frank .


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