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Title: Haven't been here for a while...
Post by: idee on July 30, 2012, 04:24:04 pm
I was just moping around my house after I went on vacation. I went to Disneyland and visited my family at the same time. Had a great time too.
 When I got back I had trouble at the pharmacy with my meds but my doctors cleared it up and got my prescription faxed into the pharmacy as soon as I left them a message.
 So I did go two days without meds but I am happy to be back on them.
 Other than that I have been trying to figure out when I want to go back to school. I decided on November to make sure I have enough time to get used to my new laptop that comes this Saturday.
 I am going to school for Paralegal and I hope to move to Washington after I am finished school.
 Well... that is all that's been happening with me. Hope everyone else is doing well.