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Title: My cell count dropped... but my new doctor is cool!
Post by: idee on April 16, 2012, 01:02:07 pm
I have a new doctor and he is ultra nice. My cell count was 849 six months ago and now it is around 650. He said not to worry as long as I am taking my meds and my viral load remains undetectable.
 I have to admit I had been drinking because my friend and I were into that. My hubby did not like it at all, but I carried on for a half a year. And one day I became so sick and violenty nauseas that I quit and it's been a while now since I drank. But seeing alcohol commercials make me feel a little sick, probably a good thing though.
 So needless to say I don't talk to that friend very often. She told me if I want to drink I should be able to and my family should not stop me. But I just don't want to anymore.
 I am thankful I am still alive after that last night I became so ill. And I am not as smelly. I so blame my decision to drink for the low cell count.
 So now I have to work on raising my cell count back up to 850 at least. I plan on just eating healthy and getting exercise.